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VoD and Online Video Events

October 2011 - at the AOP Summit, Anthony Rose gave a keynote about his new venture Zeebox - Anthony Rose on 'augmentainment' & the future of TV. He talks about second screen viewing apps, their effect on advertising and how they might disrupt the traditional TV funding model. VoD and the rise of web-connected TV - January 2011: AOP members can download a useful summary of all the different web TV platforms on the market, provided by the the Connected TV. At this event, Rose said that since Connected TVs use web technologies we’re familiar with, such as Java, HTML etc, the obvious pitfall is to think it translates directly from the web, but TV has a different role, UX and form of attention. Search doesn’t work in TV (as Google has found in this area, he argued) - ‘demand is manufactured.’ - Read our report on the event.

AOP Census Video Roundtable - November 2010 - members can download presentations from AOP and Ooyala.

Driving the Online Video Market - January 2010 - brought together speakers from ITV, Future, YouTube, PHD and Nielsen. Read our report on the event, ‘Connected Advertising’ key to the kingdom of VoD. Members can also access presentations here. This page is a work in progress... if you'd like to suggest any additional links/tips or useful sources on the subject of online video, video on demand or connected TV, please let us know.