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What is the AOP Digital Landscape Report?

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The Digital Landscape Report is a monthly digest of the latest research news and statistics that are relevant to the digital publishing community.

Content for the report includes bespoke contributions from leading research and marketing intelligence providers as well as publicly sourced data. The report has four key sections.

Forecasts & Ad Issues

This section is devoted to the latest advertising spend forecasts both on and offline, for the UK, US and Worldwide.

The breadth of content is dependent on forecast availability which varies throughout the year. Additionally at relevant times you can find such content as IPA Bellwether survey headlines, and other advertising and marketing spend stats.

Online Audience Trends

This section provides an up to date view of the UK online audience and their online activity, using UKOM data.

Additionally, there will be data around key sectors in terms of changing use or audience reach, demographics etc. Content will vary issue to issue.

Media Category Analysis

This section covers statistics on UK internet visits to key media categories as well as statistics showing the source of traffic for news and media sites from search, social media and other sites in the news and media category.

Additional content, which varies by issue, may include, data on ad impressions across key categories and occasionally a deeper focus on a specific category.

Trends in Key Interest Areas

This section brings together insights into a variety of areas that are relevant within the digital publishing landscape. Cornerstone topics include mobile, online video, social media and advertising effectiveness.

Content will include user and behavioural insights and trends, market sizing, spends etc. Additionally, when relevant, this section will include research and insight data covering areas like email, ecommerce, search, affiliate marketing, advertising formats, emerging technologies such as iPad etc.

The Digital Landscape Report is published in the last week of each month and can be accessed in the Research Area of the AOP website.

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