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Alongside our Value of Trust research (released in December 2011), there is further evidence of the incremental value that original branded premium content delivers for advertising. Below is a selection of research studies, from projects conducted directly by publishers and technology businesses, which look at how, why and to what degree original content sites deliver strong returns for advertisers.

SkyBSkyB and Cranfield School of Management Online Engagement Study Sky has released its research report: ‘Online Engagement: Are we there yet?’ for AOP members.

The research is intended as a step towards resolving the debate about engagement as a useful metric, and how it impacts on online advertising campaigns. Members can download the BskyB Cranfield Engagement Study here.Download Type: pdf
Download Size: 8426k
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Telegraph LogoThe Telegraph Value of Print+Net
  • The Value of Print+Net Report looks at the incremental reach and increase in online actions (searches for advertiser brand and visits to brand website) which takes place when advertisers run cross-platform campaigns in quality, trusted content environments
  • The research suggests that using both Telegraph print and online leads to an average increase in online actions of 13%
  • And secondly that the most responsive consumers are those who see a campaign across both platforms - they produce 17% more online actions than those exposed in online only
IPC Media Adpace research
  • 68% of people surveyed in the research clicked on a link within advertising on premium content sites
  • 60% of respondents were also more likely to notice advertising on premium content sites
c4logoCriteo with the Guardian, Channel 4 and Sky
  • 'Premium publishers are more effective for performance-based campaigns than long-tail sites, according to a study of Sky, Channel 4 and The Guardian by retargeting firm Criteo.' (NMA)
  • The research showed 20% of online audiences are only seen on premium sites
  • Which also get 4 times higher click through rates
  • And a 16% higher conversion rate
MailOnlineGrapeshot with MailOnline and IPC Media