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AOP Organisation Census 2010

The results from the annual Organisation Census released today by AOP show the industry is optimistic for 2010.

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All the media owners who took part in the survey, representing 1,500 publications and brands, are predicting positive revenue growth in 2010, with 50% of respondents predicting strong growth of 10%+. The main areas for growth are expected to be in display ads, with video particularly expected to show significant growth this year, whilst a range of other revenue streams will increasingly contribute to turnover.

AOP Organisational Census Videos, featuring AOP Board Members

Tim Faircliff, General Manager of Consumer Media at Thomson Reuters and Chairman of AOP stated: “The findings from the AOP census are broadly consistent with how I see the year panning out for Thomson Reuters and the industry. A return to growth will provide all our businesses with a renewed energy and focus on people skills, revenue generation and business models plus the opportunity for exciting innovation around mobile and video. The challenge will be how fast we can gear up to drive these initiatives forward.”

The AOP Census had a 100% response rate this year, and across the board, media owners are planning proactive and positive investment in the year ahead for their businesses. Of the respondents, 75% were planning to increase overall investment in their digital businesses. Just under half will increase their investment in training, whilst a similar number will keep their current level of investment.

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