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AOP Digital Landscape Report Vol. 46

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The latest Digital Landscape Report has a heavy mobile presence. The latest ad spend figures from the IAB and PwC show mobile advertising grew by 132% to £181.5m in the first half of 2012, and now accounts for 7% of all digital ad spend. Despite 12% of online traffic now coming from mobile devices, according to Business Insider, only 1% of advertising revenues in total come from mobile according to eMarketer. What is the Digital Landscape Report? Highlights
  • Global RTB (Real-Time Bidding) ad spend increased by 20% in Q3 of 2012 (Rubicon Project Nov ‘12)
  • 63% of marketers believe premium content publishers do a better job of reaching brand goals, c/w 27% on social media, (OPA November ‘12)
  • Paid search CPCs in the US were around 50% cheaper on smartphone than on desktop in Q3, according to data from The Search Agency. During Q3 2012 smartphones and tablets accounted for 22% of all click traffic - a considerable increase from about 10% of all click traffic in Q3 2011(October ‘12)
  • The number of video ads served in the UK has nearly doubled over the past year. In July 2012, 10.4% of all videos consumed online were ads. 35% of  UK Smartphone Users Watch Mobile Video(Comscore Nov ’12)
  • Apple’s iPad is providing publishers with consistently higher revenues than rival mobile platforms, according to a new study from Opera. The iPad achieved an average eCPM of $4.42 during the quarter and the iPhone reached $1.48. (Nov ‘12)
  • Tablet ownership has increased by 155% in one year, iPads make up 60% of the total Tablet market in the UK (Comscore Nov ‘12)
  • The rise of tablets and smartphones will help grow the online paid-content market 65% to £8bn a year by 2017, with consumer spending on digital news rocketing 77% to almost £250m, according to Forrester (Nov ‘12)
  • 35% of company respondents are now designing their websites for mobile users, and 23% for tablets, an increase of 10% yoy (Econsultancy Nov ’12)
Download the report.Download Type: ppt
Download Size: 3666k

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