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AOP Digital Landscape Report Vol. 42

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Our latest compilation of digital media research is now available for members to download.Download Type: ppt
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What is the Digital Landscape Report? Highlights
  • UK Digital ad spend will exceed £5.3bn in 2012 rising by 14.2% and will grow 11% in 2013  (Group M July ‘12)
  • UK Internet adspend has grown 11.1% in Q1 yoy, & in 2012, is forecast to grow 10.1% yoy (AA/WARC July ’12)
  • eMarketer predicts UK online growth of 12% in 2012 tapering to 7% by 2016 (July ’12)
  • Global Digital media growth has been revised up from 16% to 18%, in 2013, digital is forecast to grow 22% (Group M July ‘12)
  • Global Internet growth is up12.1% in Q1 2012 (Nielsen July ‘12)
  • 12% of UK people access the internet via TV, mostly through a games console (IPSOS July ‘12)
  • Clickers buy goods online almost three times more than non-clickers (1.13 sales per 100 browsers, compared to 0.39) (Criteo July ’12)
  • In Q1 2012, people are watching  video longer, with time per play increasing 58% on tablets, 36% on smartphones and 24% on PC’s (Ooyala July ‘12)
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