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AOP Digital Landscape Report Vol. 39

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The Digital Landscape Report is our monthly summary of research covering digital media. Highlights
  • US Internet ad spending grew 22% in 2011 to $31.7 billion (IAB/PwC April ‘12)
  • UK advertisers increased their media spend by 2.7% in 2011 to total £16.1 billion (AA April ‘12)
  • 2012 AA forecasts for a 3.8% increase, fuelled by 8.9% lift for the internet (April ‘12).
  • Total UK online adspend grew 14.4% to £4.8bn in 2011. Search grew 17.5% to 58% of online spend, display grew 13.4% to 24% of online spend (IAB/PwC April ’12)
  • The amount of money spent on internet advertising per UK adult user is set to rise above £100 this year, according to the latest forecast from GroupM (April ’12)
  • The average UK user is online for 15.1 hours per week, up from 14.2 hours in 2012. Of that time 10.5 hours is spent online at home (Ofcom April ’12)
  • In-app display ad revenue, for example, has overtaken mobile Web advertising in the U.S. and major Western European markets by $1.7 billion, to $935 million (April ‘12)
  • Gartner forecasts the iPad will continue to dominate the tablet category, with a 61.4% share of the global tablet market this year (April ’12)
  • Mobile devices accounted for 15.1% of the UK’s paid search clicks in December, according to Marin Software (March ‘12)
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