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AOP Digital Landscape Report Vol. 37

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  • US Online ad forecast is growth of 23% in 2012, and almost a doubling of revenue by 2016 (eMarketer Jan ‘12)
  • Male/female splits are more even for tablet ownership (53%/47%) vs smartphones (57%/43%) (Nielsen February ’11)
  • Share of traffic to UK News and Media sites has leapt almost 18% yoy, the biggest yoy increase yet, whilst  social media traffic has only grown 2.8% yoy, and fallen in share from last month’s high to under 13%. (Hitwise Feb ’12)
  • Online video sites continue to grow markedly, increasing UK traffic by over 45% yoy and account for around 5% of all online traffic
  • More UK users agree that ‘advertising is acceptable’ on their tablet (40%) than smartphone (30%) (Nielsen Feb’12)
  • Smartphone tipping point - Kantar figures suggest that 50.3% of the population of GB own a smartphone (Feb ’12)
  • In Europe, Telecoms is still the biggest advertiser on mobile in 2011 (20.3%), ahead of media companies (17.9%) (Madvertise Feb ‘12)
  • Slightly more than 1% of fans of the biggest brands on Facebook are actually engaging with the brands (Ehrenberg-Bass Institute Jan ‘12)
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