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AOP Digital Landscape Report Vol. 35

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The latest Digital Landscape Report is now available for members to download.Download Type: ppt
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This month's report includes Volume 35 has the latest ad forecasts, as well as latest online audience stats, trends on traffic stats, and insight on mobile & tablets, video, social media, advertising and web analytics. Highlights
  • Global total ad growth - Zenith expects 4.7% in 2012, down from October forecast of 5.3%, GroupM and Magna Global reduced to 6.4% and 5% respectively (Dec ‘11)
  • UK ad growth - GroupM has reduced 2011 from 1.5% to 0.7%, but online is up from 10.3% to 10.5% & 2012 online predicted at 9.1%. AA and Warc have downgraded 2012 total spend to 3.8% (Dec ‘11)
  • US ad spend – Q3 2011 online revenues up 22% yoy. H1 2011 U.S. online ad revenues rose 23.2%  - to a record $14.9 billion.(IAB/PwC Dec ’11)
  • Share of traffic to News and Media sites has leapt up by 15% yoy, ahead of the 12.8% yoy growth of social media traffic, and now accounts for almost 7% of web traffic (Hitwise Dec ’11)
  • The average US adult consumer is on their mobile device for 65 minutes a day vs 44 minutes with print media. Last year, both accounted for 50 minutes of an average user's time (eMarketer Dec ’11)
  • The UK has the most engaged online video audience across EU5, - average user spending 26.4 hours watching online video during October 2011(Comscore)
  • Tablets are personal devices. About 91% of the time people spend on tablets is related to personal, rather than professional, activities. Tablets have become multitasking devices, with more than 42% of activities occurring while doing another task or engaging with another entertainment medium.(Google Nov’11)
The Digital Landscape Report is our monthly summary of research covering digital media. Download the report.Download Type: ppt
Download Size: 3466k

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