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AOP Digital Landscape Report Vol. 33

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The latest Digital Landscape Report is now available for members to download.Download Type: ppt
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This month's report includes The latest 2011 online ad spend data and forecasts, current online audience stats, trends on traffic stats, and insight on – advertising (automated trading, digital agencies, mobile, social media), mobile, tablets, social media, affiliate networks and ecommerce. Highlights
  • Online adspend in the UK is expected to rise by 8.7% in 2011 and a further 10.4% next year (Zenith Oct‘11).
  • Q3, reveals the internet saw the steepest increase in marketing budgets with a net balance of 16.6% (IPA Bellwether Oct’ 2011)
  • Online video sites continue to surge in visits, up almost 37% yoy and increasing share of all online traffic to 4.5% (Hitwise Oct ’11)
  • Globally, the average % of online display budget spent through ad exchanges is 30%, and 32% for DSPs &  44% of publishers sell display inventory on an RTB basis, on average (EConsultancy Sept ’11)
  • UK digital agencies report that they will experience 26% year-on-year growth in 2011 (EConsultancy Sept ’11)
  • Facebook UK is set to generate revenues of £180m in 2011 (a rise of 80%), and "north of £250m" in 2012 (Enders Analysis Oct ‘11)
  • Tablet-owning consumers on average spend 48% more time each day with the Internet - 4 hours and 19 minutes across platforms compared to 2 hours and 55 minutes for all users (Knowledge Oct’11)
  • In the UK 42% of iPhone owners pay to download apps each month, compared to just 15% of Android owners (Nielsen Sept’11)
The Digital Landscape Report is our monthly summary of research covering digital media, with contributions this month including Brand Republic, comScore, Econsultancy, Emarketer, Experian Hitwise and Nielsen. Download the report.Download Type: ppt
Download Size: 4131k
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