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AOP Ad Effectiveness Research

The 2009 AOP Ad Effectiveness Study demonstrates how brand display advertising performs in different online environments and has confirmed the strengths of quality original content rich web sites in this field versus portals or social media sites.

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The study was conducted by Nielsen Online and measured four display advertising campaigns that ran for lengths of one to three months through June to September this year. The campaigns were all for blue chip advertisers in the FMCG, Automotive, Finance and Insurance sectors.

Passive tracking of the campaigns through the Nielsen Net View meter enabled coverage to be measured whilst a brand survey through the Research Now panel to both control and exposed groups examined a range of brand impact metrics. Over 3,000 web users were surveyed throughout the project.

Key findings

Ad Exposures

AOP member sites delivered the highest average advertising exposures on three out of four campaigns


Spontaneous awareness of brands is higher than the average amongst audiences on AOP member sites

Ad recognition

Recall of online ads is highest amongst audiences who had viewed on AOP member sites

Brand favourability

Opinions on favourability towards brands varied across site types, no site type was specifically stronger

Purchase intent

Intent to purchase levels varied across site types, audiences on AOP member sites are more likely to consider buying or using advertised brands than those on social media sites or portals

Driving Traffic

Audiences who had viewed ads on AOP member sites were more likely to go on to visit the brand site

AOP Head of Research and Insight Tim Cain comments: “our members audiences tend to have strong engagement with their sites and that creates a better platform for advertising to be impactful, this research shows there are more opportunities to see the ad and raise awareness for the brand, and ultimately respond to the brand”.

Despite these positive reactions AOP believe that there is an opportunity to make brand advertising work even more effectively by becoming more relevant to specific audiences.

Cain goes on to add: “in this study the ad creatives were standard across all site types and weren’t tailored to individual audiences or environments, we believe that this is a critical step to maximising the effectiveness of campaigns further in terms of improving brand favourability and purchase intent."

"Site engaged users show stronger views, opinions and reaction to ads, so those ads need to work harder to reflect the environment and engage the user more directly to drive the best reaction.”

AOP are furthering the debate around advertising effectiveness by addressing a Roundtable this month with the agencies who contributed to the project.

Download the full results of the researchDownload Type: pdf
Download Size: 228k
- AOP members only.

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