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Ad Engagement Research Presentation

AOP New Rules of Engagement

AOP unveils new UK Advertising Engagement Research

The New Rules of Engagement research examines the relationship between consumer engagement with website content and how that impacts on users' reactions to advertising on different website types: original content sites, portals and social networks.

The findings in the study, conducted by GfK NOP, show that engagement and advertising responsiveness is strongest on original content sites compared to other site genres. Respondents are almost twice as likely to trust advertising and brands on content sites vs. social media sites, while they are almost three times more likely to believe that content sites are better than social media sites at influencing positive brand opinion.

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The study identifies five key dimensions of engagement for users, of a site being trustworthy (recognition of and confidence in a brand); authoritative (consistent, reliable thought-leadership); unique (original content); offering community (featuring like-minded user forums); and entertaining.

The study also suggests there are three key characteristics of advertising behaviour: trust (consumers who particularly trusted the site brands they used, were more likely to trust the brands advertising on these sites - and more likely to respond to advertising on these sites); action (consumers were more likely to click on advertising links and/or purchase from sites they trust) and awareness.

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Download the New Rules of Engagement reportmembers only. (Login required.)

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