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IAB & AOP Online Advertising Effectiveness Research - Best Practice Guidelines

Digital trade bodies collaborate to promote a better web user experience and create consistency within online surveys

AOP and IAB have released guidelines to further encourage best practice in online advertising effectiveness research. The two digital trade bodies have collaborated with companies including Dynamic Logic, MetrixLab, Microsoft Advertising and Media Contacts to improve standards to the use of online surveys and ensure user experience online is protected.

Download the guidelinesDownload Type: pdf
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These guidelines were updated in March 2011

As more and more advertisers are turning to online surveys to assess the effectiveness of their digital campaigns, both AOP and IAB members highlighted a need to introduce greater governance over the research process.

Following a consultation between media owners, research suppliers and media agencies, the framework has been drawn up to ensure both media owners and advertisers get the most out of their advertising research, while minimising the impact on user experience.

The educational guidelines have been put in place for those who may not have managed these research projects previously and include a step by step guide on how to best execute a successful online advertising effectiveness survey.

The guidelines cover areas including:

  • When to use online advertising effectiveness surveys (for example - when the campaign objectives cannot be measured by standard web metrics)
  • Limiting the number of times users are exposed to the same survey
  • The notice period required by media owners to conduct such surveys

Tim Cain, head of research and insight, AOP said; ‘The Guidelines should encourage greater collaboration between media owners and advertising agencies, and their research suppliers, to make the measurement of online ad effectiveness a smoother process. All parties are committed to proving the value of the digital environment and this is a positive move to make measurement more robust “

Tim Elkington, head of research, IAB said; ‘“We hope that the guidelines, developed jointly by the IAB and AOP, will help research professionals and advertisers use online survey tools effectively to evaluate their online activity while also ensuring that internet users continue to enjoy surfing their favourite sites without interruption. The guidelines also make clear the roles and obligations of the different stakeholders in the process and will ensure the research process runs smoothly”.

Download the guidelinesDownload Type: pdf
Download Size: 321k

These guidelines were updated in March 2011

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