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CondéNet continues to innovate with launch

At a launch event this week for, set to launch in April, the CondéNet team explained the extraordinary history of the title. Founded in 1993, Wired foresaw the mass digitisation and sharing of culture online few of us could predict.

Wired International Channel Manager Michael Parsons explained how the new Wired site is built around the simplest persistent navigation possible.

This has the effect of making what might otherwise seem complex technical content highly accessible. Just launched in Italy, Parsons said that Wired Italy is already gathering a mass of impassioned online commenters, giving a sense of the ownership readers already feel for this powerful brand in an entirely new market.

For the first time, CondéNet will be publishing its entire print magazine online via, though, in typically smart fashion, the magazine content will be teased out online over the course of each month, giving extra reason for web readers to leave their bedrooms and buy the magazine.

The most impactful least interruptive formats

CondéNet Commercial Director Serena Privett presented the range of ad formats and sponsorship opportunities around the new Wired UK site, and, relaunched last month. These include:

  • Double homepage MPUs and skyscrapers
  • Promo buttons in between the two
  • The possibility of a homepage takeover, via a combination of wallpaper and display ads - impactful, but also elegantly done
  • Both pre- and post-roll video ads, all 15 seconds long, so as not to interrupt the viewer
  • Email marketing - to CondéNet's 30k strong ABC1 audience, perfect for new launches and store events
  • E-newsletter sponsorship, incorporating both leaderboards, and the inclusion of up to 40 words of copy traffic up 66 per cent since relaunch Editor Camilla McPhie explained that the relaunch of on 25 February was already paying for itself, with a 66% increase in traffic.

As with Wired, the new's focus is very much on a clean, simple navigation, with 14 sub-sections instead of the old site's 22 channels.

For the first time, includes a men's fashion section, has a greater focus on engaging users through images and video, and its grooming section includes an innovative, seasonal personal trainer section.

Elsewhere, as with, the title is focussing on strong synergies between its print and online products: for instance, the blogs section of the site, and 'talk' section of the mag aim to drive traffic to each other.

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