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One-in-four US web users view video content weekly

One-in-four US web users watch video content online at least once-a-week, while almost half of all US web users view video content online at least once-a-month, according to a new study by the US Online Publishers Association (OPA).

The OPA video study found that 24 per cent of internet users access video at least once-a-week, while 46 per cent watch video at least once-a-month. News leads the way in frequency of viewing, with 27 per cent of online video viewers watching at least once-a-week, followed closely by funny videos with 26 per cent watching these at least once-a-week.

Online video viewing is very common at home (39 per cent of those with home internet access watch at least once-a-week) compared to 19 per cent of those who watch at least once-a-week at work. When it comes to finding the videos they watch, internet users often rely on a handful of specific sites. Half of all video viewers go to a specific website to find video, and a strong majority of video viewers (58 per cent) say they rely on two to five sites. Another popular way to find video is through random surfing, which 48 per cent of video viewers said they do.

The OPA study found that online video advertising is being viewed regularly and leads to specific actions. Sixty-six per cent of video viewers have watched online video ads, and 44 per cent of those have taken action on what they've seen. Visiting a Web site ranks highest at 31 per cent, while eight per cent are actually driven to make a purchase. Video ad watchers generally prefer short ads, however 39 per cent said they would watch ads lasting longer than 30 seconds.

"The OPA study makes it clear that online video viewing has become commonplace," said Pam Horan, OPA vice president of marketing and membership.

She added: "The video viewing boom has been propelled by rapidly expanding video content and consumers' increased reliance on the web for news and entertainment. And while humorous videos seem to get the buzz, it's hard news that is most frequently watched by web users."

From Early Adoption to Common Practice: A Primer on Online Video Viewing, the first OPA study to look at how the US online population perceives video and video advertising, was conducted in February 2006 and used a sample of 1,241 internet users aged 12 to 64 which is representative of the US online population.

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