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Broadband to revolutionise web publishing

By Toby Hicks, communications executive, Periodical Publishers Association

Broadband technology is set to revolutionise internet publishing, according to speakers at an AOP forum, future proofing your online publishing business, yesterday.

will callaghan
Opening the forum, which was attended by more then 30 senior online publishers, Will Callaghan, editor of, pointed out that 32 per cent of UK internet users now have broadband, saying: "They want content on demand and are grabbing it with both hands."

The main speakers at the event were Chris Kimber, head of BBC Radio Interactive, Dave Barker, commercial director of Flytxt and Dan Clays, interactive director of agency Quantum Media.

chris kimber
Chris Kimber stressed the need for online publishers to give power back to the consumers pointing to the success of BBC Interactive's internet streaming format, which allows BBC radio listeners to listen to programmes up to seven days after they are broadcast. He said: "These allow the listener to shape the output. We're giving the listener control in terms of what and when they listen. Added to that we're extending the reach of our offerings."

dan clays
Dan Clays presented research that indicated the unique nature of the broadband user: "They will be online for double the time of the normal user and they are more comfortable spending online. This is hugely important for media owners." Clays argued for the need for industry wide cooperation on advertising saying:
"We are right to be discussing this now, it is crucial that key publishers and agencies work together to maximize the opportunity." He emphasised the importance of industry bodies such as AOP and the Interactive Advertising Bureau in facilitating this process.

dave barker
Speaking about new mobile technologies Dave Barker declared: "2005 will be the year of the mobile." Pointing out the huge ownership of the "ubiquitous" mobile he said: "Consumer demand is proven. There is a huge thirst for it. Media owners will be powerful as content ownership and distribution is key." He went on to predict the growth of WAP and Java-enabled mobile phone technology, pointing to developments in Japan, which is already seeing $100m worth of WAP advertising revenue.

Following lunch and the presentations there was a question and answer session where the speakers were asked about the best ways to generate revenue from streaming, whether there was a need for subscriptions content, the best ways of incorporating mobile content and ways of coming together to form an industry wide approach to advertising.

[download the presentations]

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