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Web boosts radio listening

The number of people listening to radio via the web has mushroomed to 14.5m, growing 2.5m since November, according to Rajar research. More people are also accessing web radio on a weekly basis - 9.4m, up from 8.1m in November 2007.

Three quarters of 'Listen Again' listeners said the service has no impact on the amount of live radio they listen to.


Rajar estimates that 6 million people have downloaded a Podcast (up from 4.3 million), and 3.7 million say they listen to a Podcast each week (up from 1.87 million).

  • The average Podcast user subscribes to 3.6 Podcasts and spends just over an hour per week listening to them
  • Comedy and music continue to be the two favourite genres

53 per cent of respondents said they would be interested in downloading Podcasts containing advertising if they were free, while only 31 per cent responded positively to the idea of Podcasts without adverts that had to be paid for.

83 per cent of Podcasts users now listen to Podcasts that are more than a week old.

The research was carried out by Rajar, in conjunction with Ipsos MORI, in April and May 2008 - The findings are based on the responses of 863 respondents who were asked to complete an online questionnaire.

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