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VisualDNA Releases Free Web Site Analytics Tool

New Tool Designed to show publishers who visits their sites and why WHYanalytics is a new web analytics product that claims to reveal the emotional characteristics of any website’s visitors throughout the day, in real time, for free. WHYanalytics is the first of a suite of new products from VisualDNA which will provide clarity in audience segmentation and engagement across the entire online advertising ecosystem. Simple to use and quick to set up, VisualDNA’s data analytics platform analyses site traf-fic, matches it to a proprietary database of millions of ‘quizzed users” – an approach that has helped VisualDNA build a global network of 140m profiled users — to build a richly detailed profile of who is visiting and what motivates them. VisualDNA then categorizes the visitors into specific segmentations and communicates that back to the publisher to provide a Real Time Understanding of their audience through WHYanalytics. This data has been designed to provide publishers with a means to:
•Demonstrate to advertisers how their websites can reach audiences based on emo-tive traits, to meet high-value brand-campaign briefs
•See how their audience changes at different times of day or night
•Compare the composition of their audience by site subsection or page
•Expose new, high value visitors that attract more brands and advertisers
•Sell smart, VisualDNA advertising campaigns tightly integrated with their ad servers, SSP, DSP or DMP
•Deliver tailored content and messaging to visitors based on their personality, inter-ests, needs and wants WHYanalytics represents a shift from demographic led profiling to data rich personality based insights and a deep under-standing of the audiences’ emotional characteristics.  Shaun Jordan, Digital Sales Director at Trinity Mirror said: "Brands define audiences by emotive characteristics, but most existing analytics tools just give you basic demographic information. The more we know about our audience, the better we can meet brand cam-paign briefs and monetize our inventory. The addition of VisualDNA emotive insights gives us an even deeper understanding of who is visiting our website and why - deliv-ered in real time through WHY Analytics."