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Videology’s Jana Eisenstein on opportunities around web-connected TV for publishers

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Jana Eisenstein, Director of Publisher Services EMEA, Videology is one of the speakers at next week’s VoD and the rise of web-connected TV event, taking place on Thursday 20 January at the Blue Fin in London - book your place now – Forum events are now free for publisher members (more details below).

Ahead of the event, we spoke to Jana about the opportunities around web-connected TV for publishers, and which technologies are likely to dominate the field.

Where do you think the future of VOD is heading and how big a role will web-connected TV play?

While there has been a lot of hype around VOD, Connected TV and Video Everywhere for sometime now, I think we're finally on the precipice of the new video model taking shape.

Historically it's been about access for consumers, as well as the screen over which they can get great content but these will become increasingly less relevant as the hard lines between the PC, Connected TV, and Mobile devices blur.

So it is about the merging and the intersection across platforms and 2011 will be a big year for advancements in how the market approaches that opportunity.

What would you say will be the main impact on publishers and how should they be preparing?

Really it is just a new way to capture larger (albeit more fragmented) audiences and increased revenue…so it is a positive opportunity for publishers.

But preparation for new partnership and unique sales/advertising offerings, such as advanced audience targeting, will play a major role for those that lead vs. those that follow....or lose.

What do you think the main commercial opportunities in Connected TV are for publishers?

For those that are purely distributed online, they will have the unique opportunity to get into the living room via a new distribution platform. Depending on the speed of adoption and the consumer's interest in a particular publisher's content, many publishers will be well positioned to tap into TV budgets.

I think that Connected TV will help to accelerate the shifting of TV advertising budgets to more of a holistic video buying strategy and approach.

Do you see Apple TV, Google TV and YouView as allies or competitors in this space and who do you feel will dominate?

The technology companies are playing a critical role in the distribution of enabling technology - and distribution is a gating issue to substantial monetisation occurring.

Wide national distribution and acceptable consumer penetration are necessary before advertisers will embrace cross-platform messaging as a normal part of their planning process as opposed to experimental spending.
Who will dominate? I suspect it won't be one company that runs the table, but instead will be a patchwork of technologies (i.e. set top box-enabled technologies, chipset enabled solutions, over the top, etc.) that are deployed and that are operated from a common architecture.

Once a sufficient minimum of these technologies are deployed, then the advertising community will begin to truly embrace this channel as a viable class of inventory for their large scale advertiser clients.

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