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Video brings alive

“Video has enabled our magazine brands to come alive online,” declared Condé Nast Interactive commercial director Serena Privett, arguing the case for video advertising on a panel titled ‘Battle of the technologies’ on 3 May.

Video advertising was the winner of a pre-event delegate poll in which it competed against pay-per-call search advertising and mobile as the trend that would offer online publishers the greatest potential for monetising content in the next 12 months, winning 44 per cent of the vote.

With inherently visual content, Condé Nast saw video as a natural extension of the existing content on Bringing the previously closed fashion world to more than one million users per month, now allows consumers to view images from every show, within hours of the event.

Vogue Catwalk
Catwalk shows and behind the scenes footage and interviews have proved very popular with the audience, said Privett, with 36 per cent of Vogue users watching the video content.

Similarly, the celebrity-obsessed audience for Glamour Online
has responded to the new celebrity interview footage on the site with equal enthusiasm, with a third of users watching the footage.

Privett revealed that these celebrities were surprisingly easy to get access to, largely due to these stars’ awareness of the impact of video and the value of the Glamour brand.

She also highlighted some issues that publishers need to consider when thinking about how to charge for advertising within video content, such as: who within agencies to sell to – TV buyers or online buyers?; how to charge – cost per thousand or cost per video?; should you repurpose TV advertisements or create new bespoke adverts for the web? And what length should the adverts be, and at what frequency?

Condé Nast’s video content has also worked for the publisher as a marketing tool: the catwalk shows are available as vodcasts via iTunes, driving traffic back to the websites.

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