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Vibrant Media Unveils Storyboard Brand Engagement Solution

Global in-content digital advertising specialist, Vibrant Media, has this week announced the launch of Storyboard - an ad solution designed to amplify brand engagement. Storyboard provides relevant, immersive, user-initiated brand experiences. Through the use of images, video and iFrame-supported content like games, news and social feeds and interactive demos, Storyboard allows brands to tell their story in a way far superior to typical rich-media or standard ad units. Once users click or hover to activate ad content, they are able to quickly and easily page through useful or entertaining elements that are relevant to what they have already been viewing, searching for or otherwise engaged with.  “Consumers are very savvy and easily annoyed by intrusive or irrelevant advertising,” said Vibrant's CEO Cella Irvine. “Brands today need to work harder than ever before to capture their attention and provide real value. Storyboard gives users a vivid, engaging experience they are receptive to because they chose to activate it. At the same time, brands love it because users are directed to exactly what the advertiser wants to convey.” For more information on this story you can visit the Vibrant Media website here