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AOP releases Value of Trust research report

AOP Value of Trust Research
AOP has released its latest research study - The Value of Trust, examining how trust varies across different online environments and how that impacts on advertising responsiveness. The findings are the result of a study conducted by Comscore throughout September and October this year, combining a survey of more than 2000 regular online users tracked across seven live ad campaigns. AOP members can access the research here. Non-members can Download the Value of Trust whitepaperDownload Type: pdf
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Tim Cain, AOP Head of Research and Insight says: "We believe there is a direct link between the degree of trust in a website and the degree of responsiveness to advertising on that site. In the study we examined three environments - original content sites, portals and social media and measured the uplift in visits to brands’ own websites following exposure to online advertising in these environments.” “We would suggest a Return on Trust Index effect can be applied from the study, showing that for every ten percentage points of trust in an environment above the base level there is a corresponding uplift of 4.7% in visits to a brand's website. We believe this is an important starting point towards defining metrics to understand the value and potential return from different online environments"
Mike Shaw of comScore on the Value of Trust Research (1 min)
As the buying of advertising moves towards the automated trading of ads based purely on data, AOP’s Return on Trust Index is a first step towards accounting for the value of context. Audience data tells a story, but not the whole story. The new AOP Trust Index also takes us further from the last click attribution model, which only explains a small part of the entire sales process. The Value of Trust survey builds on the findings of last year's New Rules of Engagement research study which showed that trust was the key element driving advertising action.  Trust in websites was seen to be strongest amongst original content sites compared to the other environments and affinity for brands and advertising was consequently considered at a higher level on these sites too. More on the Value of Trust research
Campaign tracking of seven brands from the automotive, finance, FMCG, retail and beauty categories showed that uplifts in search for the advertised brands and visits to their websites were significantly higher following exposure to ads across all environments - original content sites, portals and social media compared to a control group who had not been exposed to the ads, proving the positive effect of online advertising. The strength of that uplift was most prominent amongst original content sites, which had a 37% uplift in search for a brand and 43% uplift for visits to the brand's site. Read the Value of Trust FAQs (member-only) Login or register your details for access to the AOP site if your company is a member. Find out more about the benefits of joining AOP. For more information contact AOP

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