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Users most responsive to first exposure for finance ads

Online Advertising for Financial Services

MediaMind has released a new study titled ‘Financial Services: Making Smart Investments in Online Advertising.’ The research shows that users are most likely to convert after the first exposure to an ad when compared to subsequent impressions.
‘Overall for financial services, for every ten thousand impressions that are served, 426 are Dwelled, 92 interactions, 9 are clicked on, and slightly more than 16 result in conversion (3 post click and ~14 post impression).’
Other insights from the research show that ads using rich media and video more than triple click through rates (CTR) and increase conversion rates.

MediaMind’s report examines the effect of dwell time and interactions for rich media ads, just as AOP’s New Rules of Engagement research, and ISBA’s annual Digital Action Group survey, released this week both look to more accurate measures of engagement and branding for online advertising on original, quality content sites.

MediaMind ResearchSource: MediaMind. Data: November 2009 to October 2010, Financial, Worldwide.The research examined the performance of more than 28 billion impressions from financial services served between Q4 2009 and Q3 2010. Fifty percent of these impressions advertised banking services, while the rest advertised insurance, credit cards and brokerage services.

“The data shows that consumers can determine within the first exposure if a Financial Services offer is relevant to them.” said Gal Trifon, President and CEO at MediaMind. “There is a great opportunity to boost performance with dynamic message optimisation.”
‘When significantly more users engage with the banner than click on it, it is important to make sure that users receive the best experience and as much information as possible in the banner, rather than waiting for a mini-site.’
The full study is available here.

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