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Telegraph CIO Paul Cheesbrough on unlocking the value of online video

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Speaking at an Ooyala event last month, TMG’s CIO Paul Cheesbrough explained video’s role within the Telegraph, and his tip for unlocking future revenues.

Upping levels of online engagement, loyalty and innovation are all key to where TMG goes from here, he said. Video is a core part of that – in the shape of Telegraph TV, which was first standalone, then seeded into’s news/lifestyle content published every day.
A central focus going forward is to increase interactivity and interaction, ensuring users consume more and come back – and robust analytics must be front and centre of this.

What’s more, the power of tools like Ooyala must be put into the hands of all journalists and integrated into their core way of working, not left in the hands of a few techies.

Key to TMG’s choice of Ooyala for its video platform, he said, was their analytics package, not to mention what they are developing going forward, as a partner, not just a supplier. Hence Ooyala’s ‘embedding’ in the Euston Project, and its future involvement in TMG’s emerging digital projects.

It is a lack of innovation in ad formats, he added, holding back online video, though content formats had to develop too: What TMG is really excited about for this year is looking at innovative in-stream ads and real interactivity that can enhance video content, as well as help to make more money.

In short, ad formats and content must evolve together to take online video revenues to the next level.

Watch the video of Cheesbrough's presentation.

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