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UKOM launches with release of first online data

UKOM and The Nielsen Company have launched the UKOM Audience Planning System, publishing inaugural data as the first ever UK industry-agreed audience measurement and planning system for online media.

The UKOM Audience Planning System (APS) means advertisers and their agencies now have an industry-approved system to plan online campaigns using the same targeted reach and frequency measures as they have with TV (BARB), radio (RAJAR) and print media (NRS).

Douglas McArthur OBE, Chairman of UKOM, commented “Today’s release of January 2010 data is a truly significant milestone for the online advertising industry in delivering comparable audience measurement data to other, established media channels. This first data represents an immediate improvement in the knowledge and confidence around online advertising for advertisers, agencies and media owners alike.”

The UKOM APS is a result of cross-industry agreement to establish a single set of person-centric audience numbers for online media. It has been built upon Nielsen’s established measurement system, adding new elements to improve the planning of online brand advertising campaigns. These include: a larger work panel;

  • UK Social Grade, which segments households based on the occupation of main income earner
  • Main Grocery Shopper, whether the panellist is the main purchaser of groceries in the household
  • ISBA Regions, how the official body of British advertisers segments postcodes

For example, amongst the ten most popular brands online in the UK, the BBC has the highest concentration (64 percent) of ‘ABC1’ social grade visitors followed by Wikipedia and Amazon (both 62 percent). Not surprisingly, Amazon has the highest concentration (50 percent) of main household shoppers amongst the ten most popular online brands followed by Microsoft (47 percent).

Read the full release.

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