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UKOM factsheet for publishers

This two page factsheetDownload Type: pdf
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summarises the key points around UKOM, the industry standard online measurement tool, powered by Nielsen. It includes the following summary of the tool, in 5 handy bullet points:

  • Based on a robust, nationally-representative panel of 35,000 UK individuals aged 2+, at home and at work. Recruited online and offline for balance. Weights to an establishment survey that is part of the NRS to ensure the accuracy required for ad planning
  • UK audience figures for websites and applications published monthly, and accessed via an online analysis interface. You may also be able to analyse data through bureau software, in-house planning systems or
  • Gives Online the same planning metrics as TV, Radio, Press, and the other major media. Will be part of the TouchPoints 3 Integrated Planning Database later in 2010. Works alongside all the other data for online planning and buying, including ABCe and publisher data
  • Governed by a cross-industry body with representation from the IAB, AOP, IPA and ISBA. The system itself is delivered by The Nielsen Company, to a detailed specification
  • Creates a level playing field where audiences can be accurately compared between media owners and brands, using credible and fair metrics

For more information, including why we have UKOM, download the factsheetDownload Type: pdf
Download Size: 3094k

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