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UKOM - what do clients and agencies think? - Video

Two video vox pops with senior agency and client figures from Kelloggs, OMD, COI and Honda, on UKOM and the need for some common language across media.

Opportunities for online from UKOM - the client and agency view

"What's held us back online is really: one - we've got proven models that work in the offline arena, two ... I think we haven't necessarily had the expertise either in-house or in the industry to say what are the opportunities for FMCG."
David Walker, Marketing and Media Controller, Kelloggs

"If we've managed to get £3bn spent online, and all it does is answer a DR [direct response] question...about 5% is on brand, if you look at any other media channel that's available to a marketeer, the next highest percentage of DR spend as an overall is press with something like 15%. So you look at the other channels... and you say, they're doing a job which is predominantly brand-based and you think - 'can't digital do that?'"
Matt Simpson, Head of OMD Group Digital

"What's interesting about the digital world is it's really good at recording the things that are really easy to record... what we don't know yet though... is the other opportunities it affords brands to develop an equity, to develop a trusted relationship with people and to develop a brand."
Ian Armstrong, Manager - Customer Communications, Honda

UKOM - the need for some common language across media

"Having UKOM, suddenly you're speaking the same language that's being spoken across all the other channels, and you're giving the opportunity of repeating your success..."
Matt Simpson, Head of OMD Group Digital

"The win-win is if you demonstrate the value of how you try to work together, then you'll probably get more investment, if you try to demonstrate just the singular value of your particular channel, you'll be less relevant to what we're looking for."
Mark Cross, Communications Planning Director, COI

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