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UKOM launches hybrid measurement

UKOMNew methodology will boost publishers’ UKOM-measured audiences to include visitors from all locations Following a detailed technical approval process, Nielsen’s Hybrid methodology of internet audience measurement has launched with the publication of April 2012 data last week. This new, improved measure will provide advertisers, planners and publishers with greater accuracy and insight into websites’ total audiences by now including a measure of visitors accessing sites from all locations, including mobile devices – not just from home and work locations, as was previously the case. The UK Online Measurement company (UKOM), established to ensure an online audience measurement service meets the needs of the whole ad industry, has been working with Nielsen as its supplier of website audience measurement since January 2010. Since February 2011, UKOM and Nielsen have been working together to review, approve and implement an enhanced methodology that retains the demographically-profiled NetView panel at its core. Using advanced audience modelling, this panel is now combined with census usage data from selected publishers to accurately predict 'all location' website audiences for all websites. Subscriber benefits
  • UKOM/Nielsen’s second-generation hybrid approach is unique in that it provides hybrid audience estimates for all sites*, allowing agencies to plan with confidence across a level playing field
  • UKOM/Nielsen’s approach provides the industry with all-location usage, including mobile
  • UKOM/Nielsen’s hybrid approach is respondent–based (as opposed to site-based), preserving a respondent database which is critical to providing the industry with:
  • A robust, transparent reach and frequency algorithm
  • Full panellist-defined demographic profiling
  • Full clickstream capabilities preserved for custom analysis
  • A way for supporting the various industry data integrations/fusions with other respondent level currencies (NRS, Touchpoints).
James Smythe, general manager of UKOM says: “Nielsen’s Hybrid method boosts every publisher with usage that’s been missing from the traditional ‘home and work’ panel approach, while maintaining agencies’ ability to plan with confidence across a level playing field. The methodology also adds site visitation from any device, including mobiles and tablets - an important step towards being able to separate these out for planning purposes in the future.” Bob Wootton, director of media and advertising at ISBA says: “Nielsen’s Hybrid methodology is an important step forward in the UKOM planning tool. It measures audiences fully for the first time, but crucially maintains the people-centric measurement and demographics that advertisers need more than ever in planning online brand campaigns.” Douglas McArthur OBE, independent chair of UKOM says: “UKOM's job is to ensure an online audience measurement service fit for the needs of the whole ad industry. Nielsen's Hybrid methodology represents a major enhancement to the core panel product, so we are launching it to the industry as the UKOM-endorsed service as soon as possible after approval by the UKOM Technical Committee.” About UKOM The UK Online Measurement Company is a cross-industry organisation set up to specify and oversee the robust measurement of online audiences to the standards required for the purposes of brand campaign planning by advertisers and agencies. It is run by the IAB and AOP representing media owners, with oversight by ISBA on behalf of advertisers and IPA on behalf of agencies. * Entities recording fewer than forty panelists will continue to be flagged to highlight the risk of inaccuracy, and those recording fewer than ten panelists will not be reported at all.