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UK housewives lead the world for internet use

UK housewives are the most prolific internet users in the world, according to a report by TNS Global, ‘Digital World, Digital Life’.

Spending 47% of their leisure time online, compared with a national average of 28%, the report says a key driver of this group's online activity is eCommerce, a market which is set to grow by 14% in 2009, according to eMarketer.

In December, a number of publishers expanded their eCommerce offerings, while in October, YouTube turned to eCommerce, experimenting as an Amazon and iTunes affiliate.

Meeting Friends Online

The TNS Research also showed that as many as six out of ten UK ‘net users have met with a friend made online, suggesting that the web is increasingly bridging on- and offline social groups.

"We are making more efficient use of our valuable time, specifically by using the internet - thereby allowing us to fit more into our lives by spending productive time online, we are actually making more time for leisure" said Arno Hummerston, managing director of TNS Global Interactive.

‘Digital World, Digital Life’, conducted by international market research firm TNS, polled more than 27,500 people in 16 countries.

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