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Tremor Media partners with itzon VoD platform

Tremor Media
Itzon, an online video and connected TV platform for independent films, is partnering with video ad experts Tremor Media to monetise its content.

Founded by Ex-Marks & Spencer model and Cameron Diaz body-double Katie-Jane L’Herpiniere, a joint venture with her husband – British explorer and filmmaker Tarka L’Herpiniere – itzon is billed as a convergence between traditional linear TV and viewing video on demand for free, both online and through internet-ready TVs.

Dan Ruch, VP Europe at Tremor Media, said: “itzon is using Acudeo to monetise the video they host, thoughtfully serving online video ads around brand safe premium online content. Their high quality independent films are a perfect environment for advertisers to reach audiences online.”

About Tremor Media

Tremor Media, a leading online video monetisation and advertising company, provides brand advertisers with in-stream and in-page video advertising solutions to top tier publishers.

Tremor's ad management tool Acudeo is a widely adopted, powerful publisher tool for online video advertising, compatible with any video player and ad server.

Using Acudeo, publishers can schedule and deliver online video inventory as easily as managing banner ads, enabling them to select how often individual ads are shown; which content ads appear against; and which users see which ads.

Tremor Media was the first UK ad network to be compliant with the Video Ad Serving Templates (VAST 2.0).

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