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Top Gear drives augmented reality to print with Aurasma

Top Gear magazine has partnered with augmented reality platform Aurasma to create the world’s first fully augmented print magazine.

Readers who download the free Aurasma app can see content from Top Gear magazine’s December awards issue come to life by pointing their smartphone or tablet at the pages, revealing highlights from the TV programme. Aurasma is a visual browser that allows users to view augmented content that blends seamlessly into the real world. Through Aurasma’s partnership with Top Gear magazine, readers can watch videos from the show simply by pointing the camera on their iPhone4, 4S, iPad 2 or Android device at editorial images throughout the magazine.   This marks the first time Aurasma has worked in partnership with a magazine to augment its editorial content and this innovation highlights Top Gear magazine’s dedication to finding new and exciting ways to engage with its readers. In addition to test-drive footage of four supercars within the pages of December’s magazine, the front cover of this ‘Awards’ issue also receives the augmented reality treatment, bringing to life Top Gear’s award-winning cars of 2011. The December issue is planned to be the first in a series of Aurasma-enabled issues, according to its publisher. Top Gear is now contract published by Immediate Media on behalf of BBC Worldwide. Simon Carrington, Publisher of Top Gear Magazine, says: “We’ve always wanted a way to unite our magazine with TV content and Aurasma has enabled us to do just that. We have incredible digital assets from the Top Gear programme, and now we can deliver that to readers of the magazine. It’s been a fantastic project to work on.” Martina King, Managing Director of Aurasma, said: “Everyone knows the challenge print publications face in the digital age – but Aurasma lets editors deliver a digital experience to their readers and drive traffic to their websites.  We’re especially delighted that Top Gear magazine was the first magazine to “Aurasma” its editorial as the content is the perfect fit for our technology – what could be better than static photos of supercars that suddenly rev into high-octane race track video.” Aurasma is free to download for the iPhone4, 4S, iPad2 and high-powered Android devices from the Apple App Store and Android Marketplace.

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