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Tim Brown, Blue Lithium MD

Tim Brown

Tim Brown

Tim Brown is MD of data driven performance marketing firm BlueLithium, which was bought by Yahoo! in September 2007 to become part of The Yahoo Network.

In less than two years, BlueLithium UK has grown from a concept into the second largest online ad network in the UK with 23 million unique users and reaching 75 per cent of the UK Internet population.

Tim spoke with AOP about the latest developments in the increasingly competitive ad network arena:

Q. What is the current state of the UK ad network industry?
It is very healthy and growing faster than other parts of the industry. Initiatives like IASH have brought the overall industry forward and given it the platform to go to the next stage. Consolidation started last year and will continue.
The major players in the UK are The Yahoo Network (BlueLithium), MSN, AOL (, and Drive PM.

Q. What’s new in the world of ad networks?
The large portals are all becoming networks and consolidating the space. There are a lot of technology innovations and behavioural targeting has revolutionized the industry and will continue to do so.

Q. What are the implications of new developments for publishers?
What is happening is raising the overall relevancy of display advertising for advertisers, which is good for everyone.

In the long term, consumers will become more positive towards display advertising because they are being shown ads that they have more interest in.

There are more and better options for third parties to monetise publishers' ad inventory, and there are new exciting business models that strengthen publishers' position and product they have to sell to their customers.

Q. How might these latest trends define networks of the future?
We believe that consolidation will continue, networks will grow and be more relevant for advertisers.

Q. How does BlueLithium fit into the picture? How has your integration with Yahoo! and its ad exchange Right Media changed your business model?
BlueLithium has been integrated and we are now The Yahoo Network. Our goal is to be the number one network in Europe and globally. We will do this by extending our reach, continued investment in technology and this space!

Members can download Tim's presentation, along with other speaker presentations from AOP's forum on ad networks here.

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