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The future's bright, the future's mobile

Fifty per cent of consumers would substitute their internet usage on a PC for a mobile device. This is a key finding from IBM’s Institute of Business Value, expanding on its May 2008 "Go Mobile, Grow" study.

Communication, travel and navigation applications, as well as news and information services, are expected to increase significantly in popularity and usage over the mobile internet.

Research from Azuki Systems has confirmed similar user trends with mobile in the US, finding that:

  • 50 per cent of the population use their mobile phones for emailing,
  • 52 per cent for accessing the internet,
  • 25 per cent watch video.

Barriers to mobile internet use include internet speed, with 69 per cent reporting they felt that it took too long to download and/or play media, and 66 per cent ranking difficulties in finding and navigating relevant content as a top three inhibitor. 80 per cent wish that it was easier to access web content.

"Worldwide adoption of the mobile phone as the preferred device for accessing the internet is just around the corner," said Dr. Sungyoul Lee, Global Consulting Leader, Electronics Industry, IBM.

"With 70 percent of consumers worldwide who believe that the mobile internet has the potential to add significant to moderate value to their day-to-day lives, the time is now for companies to develop intuitive applications and services that allow people of all ages to effortlessly access and use the internet while on the go - anytime, and anywhere."

71 percent of respondents acknowledged that they expect to increase their usage of communication services such as obtaining maps and directions, instant messaging, social networking, emailing and reading news from their mobile device.


Full report available from Azuki Systems