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Theorem’s 8 trends in online advertising & creative solutions

Theorem is a global digital operations and creative services company working with online publishers and marketers.

Marcus Harding, Theorem’s UK Director for Business Development shares with us the top trends they’re seeing in the world of online advertising and publisher creative solutions:

1. Platform Proliferation - As there’s a continued fragmentation of how users consume content, publishers are finding themselves needing to staff for a varied array of creative talent in-house. When external creative partners are being used, there’s a requirement for that partner to be trained to build creative for multiple platforms, and for an increasing number of non-standard ad formats.

2. More Media Firsts - Where clients or media agencies are going directly to publishers to build partnerships and ad campaigns, there’s a growing demand for media firsts and a more sophisticated user experience, leading to a boom in creative innovation.

3. Apps get Social - Mobile apps are seeing more and more social integration. Leading publishers are recognising the need to innovate and incorporate these trends, while at the same time balancing them with their existing functionality.

IBM ad by Theorem and Incisive

IBM creative produced by Theorem & Incisive Media

4. Ads get Social - Publishers are also being asked to develop ads with more of a social media component. This provides advertisers with the chance to engage with their audience and to source user data more effectively. A good example of this trend is an ad we built in conjunction with Incisive Media for IBM, blending interactivity on the page with video and social media.

5. Innovation Versus UX - Publishers are keen to develop interactive ads with more standout and which better define their clients’ brands online. This has generated a delicate balancing act of being innovative without compromising the ever-important user experience.

6. Sponsorships on the up - More sponsorship opportunities are being proposed and sold. This is particularly true of clients combining written editorial pieces with rich media formats like ‘wrap-around’ for take-over sponsorship campaigns.

7. Mobile Creative on the up - As well as generating revenue, there is a growing need to ensure mobile and tablet ad creative fits the high quality design and UX standards of apps to the highest degree.

8. Self-Service Ad Platforms - Display ad development can be slow and taxing to workflows. Overcoming the production bottle neck is essential for online publishers looking to increase advertiser loyalty while keeping a tighter rein on creative development budgets. A solution here will allow publishers to meet the ebb and flow of demand more efficiently, and Theorem is seeing a big increase in demand for its own self-service ad creation platform.Theorem is an Associate Member of AOP.

What trends in online advertising creative and operations are you seeing?

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