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Theorem joins AOP

Theorem logo
A leader in data analysis, ad and search operations and web/email services, Theorem has joined AOP as an associate member.

Theorem's customers include over 60 of the most sophisticated agencies, publishers and digital technology companies in the world.

For the past 7 years, Theorem has been working tirelessly to improve efficiencies, scale operations and cut costs by leveraging creative development, ad operations, search operations, reporting and analytics.

Using a global footprint of sales and operations and adhering to the standards of its ISO 9001 Certification, Theorem serves customers in the Europe, US, and APAC on a 24/7 basis.

AOP Acting Director Liz Somerville said: "With its global client base and international focus, Theorem is well placed to assist AOP members, matching a growing focus on monetising international audiences. We look forward to their contribution and welcome them to AOP."

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