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Taboola Lets You Customise Content Recommendations Across the Web

Content distribution and monetization platform Taboola today announced the rollout of Taboola Choice. Early Taboola Choice launch partners include top publishers such as and, and it will become available across the wider Taboola network to all users in the upcoming months. As people discover content with Taboola, they can now simply click “X” on recommended articles or videos they do not like. This results in the user Taboola_Lognever seeing that article or video again across Taboola’s entire network of publishers. With three billion content recommendations daily and thousands of publisher partners, the company believes this crowd-sourcing capability not only enables consumers to participate in the content conversation, but could vastly enhance the curated content experience around the web. “Taboola recommends millions of articles and videos and we believe in democratizing the content experience by giving editors and users choice. For users, by simply clicking on what we like and filtering out what we don’t, we all become a part of the conversation, personalizing our web experience. This is a tremendous step forward for our content-driven world,” said Taboola CEO Adam Singolda. “There are real innovations out there, such as the recent relaunch of the Y! homepage -- allowing people to like or dislike content on Y! -- and Facebook’s Ad-Mute, which allows disablement of ads on Facebook. Taboola is taking the next step by empowering users to personalize content across the entire web,” added Singolda.
To continuously drive editorial integrity and brand safety, Taboola Choice streams real-time data to publication editors’ desks, informing them of what top items are being clicked on and what content is being filtered. Such information offers tremendous insights and can help drive the editorial voice of Taboola’s publisher partners. Taboola’s engine will also leverage Taboola Choice’s new, anonymous user-feedback data to further refine its recommendations, driving even higher engagement, re-circulation, monetization, and audience development performance.