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Stream UK allows customers to deploy Microsoft Silverlight and IIS within seconds

Stream UK
Stream UK, one of the UK’s largest independent webcasting companies, today announced it has released the beta version of VMS 2.S, which allows customers to upload video and immediately generate the code for an embeddable Microsoft Silverlight player.

A transcoding back-end to the system will automatically generate the files required for an Internet Information Services (IIS) Smooth Streaming version, which means high definition (HD)-quality to those that can view it. An Aspera-integrated upload form allows large files to be uploaded up to 100 times faster than over ftp or http.

“This puts the creation of a Web-ready IIS Smooth Streaming, Silverlight player within the reach of the normal browser user,” said Duncan Burbidge, CEO, Stream UK. “The only downside is we cannot charge $5,000 a time anymore!”

“Microsoft is pleased that Stream UK has invested early in supporting Silverlight and the next-generation application development platform, and is today releasing the beta version of VMS 2.S,” said Brian Goldfarb, director of the developer platform group at Microsoft Corp. “Products like VMS 2.S help developers use their existing skills to create unique experiences that run across many and varied devices.”

The system was used to produce the Stephen Fry player for .net magazine.

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