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Stream UK launches Silverlight-compatible Video Management System

Stream UK includes Silverlight within its VMS 2.1

Stream UK, a leading provider of technically-advanced digital media solutions, based on streaming technologies, has launched a new version of its Video Management System (VMS), which is now Silverlight-ready.

The VMS allows complete management of video assets from upload to deployment on end-user websites.

The VMS is now Silverlight-compatible, which means users can upload Windows Media files and cut and paste code into their websites which deliver a Silverlight player. The player includes social media sharing features and all usage is tracked through a detailed statistics back-end.

The VMS also allows users to arrange content within playlists to create a WebTV interface complete with electronic programme guide (EPG), all in Silverlight.
Both the standard and WebTV players include bandwidth and port-detection code to ensure that delivery of content is optimised right up to HD levels.
For the first time users can get an attractive and robust Silverlight player into their websites within minutes of uploading a file.

The most obvious beneficiaries are content owners.

They can now deliver cross-platform in windows media format, thus benefitting from market-leading security protection (Microsoft DRM and PlayReady), whilst benefitting from rich 2D animations and graphics offering the end-user a variety of interactive options. Stream UK led the way in demonstrating this last year, with their global streaming of Bacardi’s ‘La Fiesta’ indoor festival from the centre of London.

Stream UK’s VMS 2.1 maintains the company’s position at the forefront of online content management and distribution. The product allows the user to get content online quickly and delivered on a network that can cope with global demand. As web users are spending more time than ever watching online video content, management and distribution has become a key business area for companies of all shapes and sizes.

"Silverlight enables us to present windows media files within an interface which we know will play across all browsers. That’s extremely important to us and the delivery of content using the http protocol means it will work with the worst corporate firewalls." Said Duncan Burbidge, CEO of Stream UK.

Stream UK’s VMS system is used by a range of clients, from global corporations to leading digital agencies and niche content providers. Current users include BBC News, Ideal TV, The British Council, and Grey London.
To get a demo account call us on 0800 061 2361 or visit to find out more.

About Stream UK

Stream UK is Europe’s leading provider of technically-advanced digital media solutions, based on streaming technologies. Industry-leading, privately held, Microsoft Gold Partnered, ISO 9001 approved with offices in Madrid and Rome, Stream UK is relied upon by the most demanding clients in the industry it is also the only streaming media company with a significant in-house research and development team. We provide businesses worldwide with reliable, professional level tools to manage and distribute multimedia content over the internet.

For more information, press only:

Danielle Philip, Stream UK Media Services,, Tel: 020 7419 1820

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