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Solbright integrates PubMatic data to simplify digital ad operations for premium publishers

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Solbright, delivering solutions that drive the business of digital advertising, has announced that it is partnering with PubMatic, a provider of the technology and full-service solutions to manage and monetise non-guaranteed ad inventory.

The partnership will provide clients of both companies with real time digital ad performance data.

As part of Solbright’s ongoing strategy to deliver overall visibility into clients’ digital advertising operations, PubMatic will integrate its direct and secondary ad sales and performance data into Solbright’s digital ad management solution.

Joint customers will be able to review the information via a direct feed on a single user interface, with access to impressions, CPM rates and reporting information they can use to maximize their ad campaigns and deliver the best ROI.

Ad operations have become extremely complex as the demand for performance, transparency and real-time analytics has increased. In order to derive the most value from vast amounts of digital ad inventory, publishers require real-time insight into ad price prediction, quality control, reporting and analytics. To do this, publishers rely on both primary and secondary channels to deliver deeper, more accurate visibility into the effectiveness and ROI of online campaigns.

“Our partnership with PubMatic represents a significant step toward the integration of our Solbright solution with other leading digital advertising technologies on the market,” said Thomas Pace, CEO, Solbright. “This step will simplify the management of digital advertising for premium publishers by providing a single Solbright interface into critical third party systems, thereby empowering them to take complete control of their ad operations and make timely decisions that will grow their businesses.”

The Solbright solution leveraging PubMatic data is available immediately.

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