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Sky releases ad engagement report for AOP members

Sky Online Engagement ResearchSky has released its research report: ‘Online Engagement: Are we there yet?’ for AOP members.

The research is intended as a step towards resolving the debate about engagement as a useful metric, and how it impacts on online advertising campaigns.

Sky’s report seeks to make engagement a more provable measure, one which clearly enhances business value - the scale was developed in conjunction with the Cranfield School of Management.

Members can download the BskyB Cranfield Engagement Study here.Download Type: pdf
Download Size: 8426k

The research also refutes the claim that the most active social media users, or those who act as ‘brand fans’ or post their own articles/reviews online are necessarily more engaged with content than the silent majority who never comment or tweet.
(1) dynamic and sustained cognitive processing (2) the satisfying of instrumental value (utility, relevance) and experiential value (pleasure, enjoyment) (3) the realisation of self-congruence (identification with the brand and its values) and (4) the facilitation of social identity (the ‘’I” as social being)The Mollen Wilson definition of ‘Online Engagement’ from the Journal of Business Research 2010
The report also shows how higher engagement leads to higher ad recall, and also higher brand awareness.

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For more details on the research, please contact BSkyB Media Research Manager Becky McQuade or Anne Mollen at Cranfield.

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