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Skimlinks launches SkimWords for publishers in beta

Promises to deliver increased revenue potential with automated, unobtrusive in-text product links

Skimlinks has launched its latest product, SkimWords, which enables publishers to extract more value from their content, by automating the process of adding revenue-generating product links into content, with no advertising pop-ups.

SkimLinks’ standard technology converts existing retailer links into affiliate links on-the-fly, while SkimWords takes this a stage further, creating new links by converting product references in editorial and user-generated content into geo-targeted links to where the item can be purchased.

SkimWords in actionAn example of SkimWords in actionSkimlinks has been working with existing clients including, ITProPortal, AV Forums and Anglersnet over the past month to develop the product and features that will allow SkimWords to serve a broader group of customers. In initial publisher trials, SkimWords has increased the number of pages that can generate revenue by 300 per cent.

The SkimWords Beta is now open for application from existing SkimLinks publishers and other sites in the technology/electronics, sport/lifestyle, automotive and fashion verticals.

Skimlinks CEO and Co-Founder Alicia Navarro, says: “Being non-intrusive, transparent and relevant is key to the future of monetising content. We designed SkimWords to benefit all parts of the value chain: publishers effortlessly earn significantly increased revenues, users are presented with relevant and helpful links, and retailers generate incremental sales from links added to in-text references to their own products.”

Stuart Wright, Owner of AVForums, commented: “The fact that SkimWords does not interfere with our readers’ experience with annoying pop-up ads is so important. It also helps us automatically make the most from our international traffic via its geo-targeting technology. So far, we are delighted with how SkimWords is working and the revenue it is generating.”

"We've been really excited to be part of the pilot launch of SkimWords. Working with Skimlinks ensures we remain on the cutting edge of the innovation taking place in the in-text monetisation market,” says ITProPortal Commercial Manager, Martin Beauchamp.

If you’d like to join the limited external beta, please visit for more information.

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