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The seven habits of successful digital sales teams

Jon Bentley

by Incisive Media’s Head of Online Commercial Development Jon Bentley

One of the AOPs 2010 winners reflects on what makes for a truly successful digital sales team:

1. Collaboration - Successful teams listen, learn and innovate in partnership with colleagues – editorial, marketing, technology – as well as clients.

2. Bravery in the face of relentless change - Successful teams aren’t afraid of change. They embrace it. They rip it up and start again.

3. Innovation - Successful teams are bursting with creativity. They harness the best ideas from their editorial and create new opportunities across new media. It is in these new spaces that they deliver excitement, engagement and new revenue.

4. Thirst for knowledge - Successful teams know they don’t know-it-all. There is always more to learn. They spend time understanding the new technology and their markets. And most importantly of all, the very best teams share that knowledge with their clients.

the Magnificent Seven

Magnificent Seven image by the Sun and Doves

5. Every opportunity - Successful teams don’t ignore the old-skool advertisers. They nurture them and show how integrated, multi-platform campaigns can deliver the very best results. In the best of all possible worlds, all proposals incorporate a digital solution.

6. Quality - Successful teams know that real value comes from being aligned and associated with quality. It is faith in quality that underpins firm negotiations and drives up yield.

7. Data intelligence - Successful teams know that, used properly, data is a scalpel that can be wielded with dash and precision for the best results. It is not a cudgel to put everyone to sleep.

Incisive Media won Digital Publisher of the Year – Business at last year's AOP Awards.

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