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Alan Rusbridger on the 'mutualised newspaper'

Alan Rusbridger, Editor of the Guardian

Rusbridger speaks about 'mutualisation' in media as a two part process of being both open and collaborative.
"Whether you're in arts, politics, science or activism, increasingly you're becoming a publisher, you're not waiting for a media company to give you permission to publish. You're saying 'I can publish', and that is the future, and the way I think information is going to exist."
For Rusbridger, either you "weave your material into that linked economy of information, or... build a walled garden around it."

The second point is around collaboration, "if you believe there is great content 'out there', people are publishing themselves, to what extent can you harness that, in order to make your own material deeper, richer, more diverse, better."

"These are profound decisions news organisations have to make... not dissimilar to what is happening in politics... to what extent can you make your product better by inviting people into your space."

Rusbridger addressed AOP Members at our Strategic Partner Olswang's Publishing + Technology event on 27 April.

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