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Rubicon Project to expand services in 2010

Rubicon Project
The Rubicon Project, the Internet advertising infrastructure company, has detailed plans for the company’s new publisher-centric digital advertising technology and data platform, engineered exclusively to empower publishers to monetise content and data across all digital media worldwide.

“The balance in the marketplace today favors the demand-side, which has lead to significant price erosion for publishers; this erosion threatens the sustainability of the ad-supported digital publishing business. Ad serving technologies currently available to publishers of high-quality digital content are outdated, making it extremely difficult to effectively manage today’s sales organisations,” said Frank Addante, CEO and Founder of the Rubicon Project.

“Working with companies whose real goal is to access more inventory on behalf of their own advertisers isn’t in the best interest of, and may even be dangerous for, publishers. Revising that legacy technology, upgrading it, and tacking on bells and whistles isn’t enough: publishers need technology designed specifically to meet their needs.”

At the PaidContent conference last week in New York, the Rubicon Project revealed plans to expand its platform in 2010 to offer not only additional ad serving, forecasting, and campaign management functionality across both premium guaranteed and non-guaranteed media sales, but also technology for:

  • automated demand access
  • self-service advertising sales
  • centralized publisher data platform
  • pricing intelligence & controls
  • yield management
  • channel management
  • brand, ad quality and malware protection
  • all of the above across all digital media formats – Web as well as mobile, video, email and emerging devices

Allen & Company will work with the company, among other matters, to explore options for ongoing business growth initiatives including additional strategic acquisitions, platform expansion and continued international growth.

The Rubicon Project is uniquely positioned to deliver this publisher-centric platform as its team’s experience, history of innovation on behalf of publishers, and massive scale, built on technology that provides safe and efficient infrastructure for the entire advertising ecosystem, ensures it delivers the right choice for publishers. The company, which has raised more than $42 million in funding to date, announced year over year growth of 270% at the end of 2009, and is consistently ranked as one of the top two digital platforms in overall user reach.

After pioneering ad network optimization in 2007, the company launched its REVV for publishers™ platform in 2009, combining technology, tools, access and integration to deliver a complete yield management optimisation solution to premium Web publishers. 2009 also marked the company’s first acquisition, of data technology company Others Online, and global expansion into markets on five continents.

To affirm its commitment to publishers, the Rubicon Project has released a manifesto which outlines the company’s core beliefs and guiding principles as they work to achieve the goal of innovating digital advertising and data technology for publishers, to keep digital media free for consumers, and to help content flourish. To read and respond to the manifesto, Principles of a REVVolution, visit

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