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Rich spend more time online

The top fifth of US households by income spend more time online than the rest of the population, says research from [Ipsos Mendelson]. The survey also found that, as the rich get richer, they are online for even longer each week.

The Affluent Survey backs publishers’ moves to translate luxury brands online and to mobile, and suggests there is still greater potential and demand in this area.

The research focuses on $100,000+ income households, representing about 20 percent of homes in the U.S. (and more than 50 per cent of total incomes.) This group goes online an average of 26 times per week using a computer, and 17.6 times via mobile device.

  • The affluent spent 23.4 hours per week online.
  • Among those earning $250,000 and up, the figure rises to 27.4 hours.

The survey also shows this group as early adopters for mobile:

  • 40 percent of affluent households use hand-held devices to access the internet
  • 57 percent among those in the $250,000-plus bracket
  • 34 percent for those at the $100,000-149,999 level.

"If you want to experiment [with mobile, publishers] should probably be doing it much more in the affluent space, because these people are much higher up the learning curve" said Bob Shullman, president, Ipsos Mendelsohn.

The survey data was collected via a 20-page questionnaire, and more than 13,000 affluent households are included in the 2008 release.

Source: Adweek

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