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Quality video will drive revenue

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Matt West, product manager for Video at Yahoo! Europe
Matt West, product manager for Video at Yahoo! Europe, argued at an AOP forum on 13 March that monetisation of video will happen at the quality content, targeted audience end of the content spectrum, rather than at the less controlled, broad-reach, user-generated end typified by YouTube and DailyMotion.

West talked about the challenge of generating a monetisable audience, as AOP brought together a panel of experts on 13 March to look at the latest developments in the realm of online video and the opportunities for publishers to get into the space.

Robin Smyth, executive director of Roo Media
Robin Smyth (pictured), executive director of Roo Media; Duncan Tickell, publishing director, VNU; Matt West, product manager for Video at Yahoo Europe; and Simon Cam, head of SuperGlue, discussed the many challenges raised by providing video content online.

Internet video specialist Roo Media is at the heart of video content industry, working recently with VNU Business to launch four branded TV portals for the business publisher, with to launch three embedded video players, and with IPC to launch Nuts TV.

Robin Smyth, executive director, explained that including video helps to create a more compelling content destination, can increase the capability for user interaction, and ultimately leads to more revenue "You need to ensure your users aren't forced to look elsewhere," he told publishers.

Duncan Tickell, publishing director, VNU
Duncan Tickell, publishing director for VNU, presented a case study of the business publisher's On Air Studios, explaining what the project set out to achieve, sharing what they learned, and discussing whether there is money to be made in web seminars.

Simon Cam, head of SuperGlue
Simon Cam, head of SuperGlue, the agency’s digital film and video department, talked about the way the agency had responded to the growth of video - stressing that more compatability is needed between publishers' specs, and between media players.

Members can access the presentations here

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