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Email service provider Pure360 joins AOP

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Email marketing provider Pure360 has joined AOP as an associate member.

Pure is one of the UK's leading email service providers with a range of solutions, from web-based email marketing software to bespoke, integrated, high-volume content management and distribution technologies.

Its clients include, the Economist and AOP.

Pure is currently engaged in providing email technology solutions for innovative projects at the forefront of current developments in the deployment of advertising, marketing, content aggregation, and media distribution through digital channels.

At a time when marketers are seeking ever more effective, not to mention economical methods to reach key audiences, AOP welcomes the contribution of an experienced, trustworthy partner in this space.

Pure's Robin C. Kennedy said: "We are pleased to join the AOP to engage more deeply with the online publishing community - a really significant growth sector for our business - at a time when audience driven changes in media consumption for business and consumer publishing continues the rapid migration from traditional print to the online space."

More information about Pure360's services.

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