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Publishers talk social media and video

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Our latest Content & Trends Census, which provides a snapshot of the UK media industry, includes a breakdown of how UK media owners are using social media, and producing and funding video. In this video, AOP Board Members from Haymarket, IPC Media, Incisive and UBM tell us where the most exciting, biggest growth areas of social media are:
What are the most exciting areas of social media for your business?
IPC Digital Director Neil Robinson says: "The referrals from Facebook and Twitter are now significant, and we're watching them as closely now as we used to with Google" - watch the video above to find out more on publishers' social media strategies. From this year's Census, we know:
  • One in three publishers have a specialist social media role, the responsibility otherwise falling to editorial or marketing
  • 77% of companies have a social media policy and 74% have dedicated community managers (both up from 59% last year)
Video has 'protected editorial status'
How important is video now to your business?
"Video has a protected status within our editorial offering" - Haymarket Group Director Patrick Fuller

"Whether you are a broadcaster or a conventional publisher, the move into video is inevitable." - John Barnes, MD of Digital and Tech, Incisive Media - watch the video above to hear more on publishers' use of video. Findings from the Census around video
  • More than 80 per cent have in-house production, one in two acquire video and one in three commission it.
  • Three quarters will increase in-house produced content in the next 12 months and similar numbers will for commissioned and acquired content, and slightly fewer for UGC. 
  • One in two publishers view investing in it primarily as an incremental revenue stream, versus one in four who see it for additional engagement, and a similar number who see investing primarily as aiding visitor retention/stickiness. 
  • More than half of publishers are working with third parties to monetise their content.

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