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Video: media owners on mobile

Census WordleOur latest Content & Trends Census, which provides a snapshot of the UK media industry, shows that tablets, the mobile web and the growth of smartphones figure at the top of publishers' lists for future growth. With that in mind, we asked some of our Board Members, from Haymarket, IPC Media, Incisive and UBM how the Apple/Android battle for mobile dominance is affecting their businesses: 
How are Apple & Android impacting publishers' mobile strategies?
Incisive Media MD of Digital and Tech John Barnes says: “Increasingly, we’re not worrying so much about distinct platforms, but thinking about the idea of multi-screen life." "The fact that users have TVs that are web-enabled, they have tablets that are web-enabled, they have mobile phones and computers that are web-enabled - are they going to use the same services in the same way, or are they going to simultaneously use other products from another media owner to be complementary to that use… that’s what we need to understand more about mobile.” - watch the video above to find out more. Content & Trends Census 2011 - Top 3 Opportunities (% of publishers seeing opportunity/major opportunity for their businesses in the next 12 months) 1.    iPad/other tablets (94%)
2.    Adoption of smartphones (92%)
3.    Mobile Web (81%)
What are the opportunities around mobile apps versus mobile web?
In this video, IPC Media Digital Director Neil Robinson argues that: “Mobile web is about immediacy and frequency, and I think there we’ll see a lot of ecommerce… Apps are all about loyalty, so what we should see is more knowledge about the user… and therefore data.” Phil Clark, Digital & Audience Director, UBM Built Environment says that from a B2B perspective: “Mobile websites have been very effective for us in terms of attracting audiences, as well as for commercial support, and there’s the opportunity to integrate that with our [wider] audience data.”

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