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PSP focused attention on digital

Ofcom has scrapped its idea for a Public Service Publisher (PSP). Chief executive Ed Richards stated that the idea had served its purpose by focusing attention on the importance of digital media in public sector broadcasting (PSB).

According to the Guardian, Ofcom no longer envisages recommending the formation of a new body tasked with producing, distributing or funding public service content.

Ofcom is to publish the first phase of its proposals in its second PSB review in April.

Source: MediaGuardian

AOP invited member responses to the PSP proposals in February 2007, which were included in a joint response with PPA in April.

The document - 'A new approach to public service content in the digital media age' is available here, pointing out

  • That any move to create a new PSP must be accompanied by careful consideration of how IP will be dealt with
  • But not commenting on the validity or desirability of such a project

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